Doliche in Thessaly

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Doliche (greek: Δολίχη) is situated on the west foot of mountain Olympus, 21 km from Elassona to Katerini, at an attitude of 5,90 m.

According to the last census in 2011, its population was 440 people. Doliche constitute municipal district of the municipality of Elassona of the prefecture Larissa. It’ s habitants are mainly occupied with farming and agriculture (tobacco, grain, sugar beets, corn, clover etc).

In Doliche the visitor can see the Byzantine Chapel of the Holy Metamorphosis (transfiguration) of Christ which is dated from 1210 AC. He can walk up the hill of Prophet Elias or the «Xilo» and enjoy their unique view. He can also choose to go to one of Dolihi’ s shops or taverns.

Every year there’ s a bid variety of cultural events with the most important event the Metamorfosis of Christ festival on the 5th – 6th August.

English Version: Mary Kaloeda